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Add some serious excitement to a small and simple unicorn cake.

It’s hard to justify an expensive cake for a small family gathering, but with a little craftiness, you can make a small cake rock. I love that my daughter is now noticing even the smallest details and even though we were only having a little party, I wanted her cake to make a big impact. The cake was tiny – 6 inches and two layers, but adding a cake stand, a moss riser and a few flowers from a grocery store bouquet makes it seem much bigger (and fancier!).

The cake layers were placed on two small 6-inch cardboard rounds for icing. I also used a few paper doilies between the cake and the riser to protect the moss from icing. Want to make your own moss riser? Check out my post HERE.

Of course, any cake can be improved with a gold spray painted unicorn figurine added to the top!