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My little guy’s pirate party was this past weekend and I think all-in-all the whole thing was a success. There were only a few tears, no major injuries and all the little things that I ran out of time for – mostly went unnoticed. The hit of the party for the kids (besides the bounce house and pool party!) was definitely the life-sized plastic skeleton I found on Amazon HERE and outfitted with a pirate’s hat and eye patch. I scored “Old Willy” for under $80 bucks – a great investment for future Halloween parties. If I had all the time in the world, that cute little pirate chest holding the crackers would have been decorated in gold paint with gold foil and stick-on jewel accents.


pirate party skeleton


pirate party setup

My mom made the cute little watermelon pirate ship and surprised me with it. I think it really added something to the table. My attempt at the pineapple alligator went OK, but I feel like it was too hidden in the lettuce and wasn’t as obvious as it could have been. Most people were unaware of what is was supposed to be. The ideas for it came from one of the many pinterest pins dedicated to pirate parties.

pirate party table side view

pirate party treasure chest