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Who doesn’t LOVE the look of a tiered cake? Where we live, those kind of cakes are considered wedding cakes – with wedding cake price tags. To get the tiered dessert feel, I like to use decorative risers on cake stands to elevate single layer desserts and give them a grander presentation. Moss cake risers are one of my favorites to use and can be super easy to make if you can find the moss sheets that have a mesh backing. In this tutorial I’ll be making the top moss tier you see above.

For this project I used:

  • 10 inch foam cake form (got this at Hobby Lobby)
  • SuperMoss moss mat roll 16 in. x 18 in. (got mine on Amazon)
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • permanent marker

Moss Cake Riser Supplies


Roll out the moss mat and use the foam cake form as a template to trace around. You’re going to want it just a little bigger than the actual form to cover the thickness of the sides, so be generous with your tracing. When cutting it out, you’re also going to want to cut on the outside of the circle line to give yourself a little extra moss to play with.

Moss Cake Riser Tracing

The riser is 4″ tall, so measure out two strips on the back of the moss that are just a bit bigger than 4″ so you will have a little lip to join the top piece to. It takes two lengths of moss to go around the form, so the strips will need to be pieced together.


Lay the first strip of moss on the form and start gluing it around the form. Remember to leave a little lip on the side you want to be the top. We will trim the bottom side, if needed, when done.

Moss Cake Riser Tutorial 1

Here’s a shot of my little lip.

Moss Cake Riser Tutorial 2

When you’re ready to glue on the second strip, you’ll want to make sure the ends are pretty straight. The fewer visible seams, the better.

Moss Cake Riser Tutorial 3

Get a good bead of glue under the seam and pinch it together to squish the two sides together and make the joint less noticeable.

Moss Cake Riser Tutorial 8

Here’s a look at the seam finished…lookin’ good!

Moss Cake Riser Tutorial 9

When the sides are done, you are ready for the top piece. Trim any stray bottom edges if the riser won’t sit flat.


Before gluing the top circle down, do a quick check to make sure you’ve cut it big enough cover the whole foam top plus the moss you’ve already glued to the sides. I find it easier to hold the top in the middle and work my way around the edges, gluing in pie-shaped sections. Finish it off by pinching the edges together, hiding the seam as much as possible.


And here’s the finished little guy next to an older, flatter one I did earlier this year.


This is what they look like when stacked together…yummy!

Moss Cake Riser