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Simple Unicorn Cake

Simple Unicorn Cake

Add some serious excitement to a small and simple unicorn cake.

It’s hard to justify an expensive cake for a small family gathering, but with a little craftiness, you can make a small cake rock. I love that my daughter is now noticing even the smallest details and even though we were only having a little party, I wanted her cake to make a big impact. The cake was tiny – 6 inches and two layers, but adding a cake stand, a moss riser and a few flowers from a grocery store bouquet makes it seem much bigger (and fancier!).

The cake layers were placed on two small 6-inch cardboard rounds for icing. I also used a few paper doilies between the cake and the riser to protect the moss from icing. Want to make your own moss riser? Check out my post HERE.

Of course, any cake can be improved with a gold spray painted unicorn figurine added to the top!


Pirate Party

Pirate Party

My little guy’s pirate party was this past weekend and I think all-in-all the whole thing was a success. There were only a few tears, no major injuries and all the little things that I ran out of time for – mostly went unnoticed. The hit of the party for the kids (besides the bounce house and pool party!) was definitely the life-sized plastic skeleton I found on Amazon HERE and outfitted with a pirate’s hat and eye patch. I scored “Old Willy” for under $80 bucks – a great investment for future Halloween parties. If I had all the time in the world, that cute little pirate chest holding the crackers would have been decorated in gold paint with gold foil and stick-on jewel accents.


pirate party skeleton


pirate party setup

My mom made the cute little watermelon pirate ship and surprised me with it. I think it really added something to the table. My attempt at the pineapple alligator went OK, but I feel like it was too hidden in the lettuce and wasn’t as obvious as it could have been. Most people were unaware of what is was supposed to be. The ideas for it came from one of the many pinterest pins dedicated to pirate parties.

pirate party table side view

pirate party treasure chest

Pirate Parrrty Invites!

Pirate Parrrty Invites!

I’m getting ready to send these “bad boys” out for my son’s birthday party. His last two birthdays have been small family affairs. Since he’s been asking for a pirate birthday, and he’s due for a big sha-bang, I’ve been putting a little more effort than usual into this one.

With this design, I was going for a cute – but sort of realistic – but not too cartoon-y pirate theme.

So, how did I do?

AND, because every pirate needs his very own plate set…

Personalized Pirate Plate Set

Get your very own Personalized Pirate Plate Set! Now available in our store.

More Pirate-y crafts arrr coming your way…


Day of the Dead Birthday Logo

Day of the Dead Birthday Logo

Having a friend who dabbles in graphic design has its perks. Like this fun Day of the Dead Birthday Logo I did for a friend whose husband was turning the big 4-0.  His awesome Day of the Dead mariachi costume last Halloween inspired the design. My spanish is not so bueno, but the “Es Muy Viejo” is supposed to mean “is very old”. Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico as a time to honor deceased loved ones.

I definitely didn’t have my special “koozie designer” hat on when I made the logo. The design was too detailed to fit on one side of a koozie and had to be split in half – below is the one color version in teal on a black koozie.

Day of Dead Birthday Logo Koozie

The big font has a fun carnival/western feel – it came from here – it’s not free, but it is pretty cheap. The smaller font is free and can be found here.

Day of Dead Birthday Logo